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2. Pre-place your quickdraws

Problem:  On some climbs (especially caves and extremely overhanging routes) there is a need to pre-hang the quickdraws without the rope to make an attempt on the climb.  Traditionally, a 'red-point burn' would take place where the climber would climb the route, clipping each bolt along the way and hanging at the bolt.  Once the quickdraws were in place, the climber would then be lowered to the ground and the rope would be pulled.  After a rest, the climber would then make an attempt on the climb with the quickdraws in place.  The act of climbing the route to place the quickdraws uses a great deal of energy and time.

Solution: Use the Stick Clip to place the quickdraws from the ground without the rope.  Using a windsock, golf retriever or window washing pole each bolt can be reached.  Some individuals and companies have used the Stick Clip product to make poles that reach up to 40 feet!  With the quickdraws in place, an attempt can be made with less time and energy.  Happy sending!

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