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5. If only the original bolt driller wasn't 6 foot 2 inches tall...

Problem:  You have all seen it.  A bolt, most likely placed on lead, about seven and a half feet from a stance.  Below the stance is a nice 25 foot run out.  There is your friend, on his toes, trying to clip the bolt that is just out of reach.  You know the next few feet of climbing is the hardest.  For a taller climber, with the bolt clipped, a fall is trivial.  A few feet back to the stance.  For your buddy, a fifty to sixty foot screamer down the cheese grater slab of hell.

Solution: Take the Stick Clip and place it on a short one foot pole ( a small dowel and a piece of duct tape will do) and drill a hole for a storage cord when not in use.  When the stance is reached, remove it from your harness, place a quickdraw in the arms of the Stick Clip, put your climbing rope through the bottom carabiner, reach up and clip the bolt, remove the Stick Clip and your done.  Make sure the carabiner is closed shut.  Put the Stick Clip back on your harness and you are ready to go.  Simple.

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