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We thank you for your feedback on our products.  We have incorporated your thoughts on the many uses of the Stick ClipTM on the following pages.  We hope you find this information useful and we would appreciate your feedback and ideas.  

Warning: Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport.  Death or serious injury is a distinct possibility.  Seek professional instruction on the techniques of climbing and the use of equipment, including the use of this gear.  We as manufacturers obviously cannot make sure you know how to use this gear.  The responsibility is ultimately on you alone.  We cannot be liable for death or injury in connection with the use of this gear.  If you are not willing to assume all responsibility for yourself while climbing, please don't buy or use our equipment.

1. Protecting the first section of a bolted climb

2. Pre-place your quickdraws

3. Don't back off a hard section of a climb, clip through it

4. The modern 'rodeo' clip

5. If only the original bolt driller wasn't 6 foot 2 inches tall...

6. Batman on A5

We really appreciate your feedback and ideas and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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