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The tool for clipping beyond your reach.TM

Do you ever find yourself staring up at the first bolt or piton on a climb, wondering how you can eliminate that unprotected section between the ground and the first bolt?

Have you ever wanted to conserve energy by pre-placing your quickdraws on a route from the ground?

Have you ever found yourself totally stuck on an aid or free climb with a bolt or piton just out of reach? 

Introducing the Stick ClipTM, the tool for clipping beyond your reach.

The Individual Stick Clip (300) offers a climber a very lightweight, inexpensive solution that can be quickly adapted to meet his needs.  The Stick Clip is compatible with all types of extension devices including but not limited to window washing poles, windsock poles, common sticks, tent poles, and golf ball retriever poles.  In addition, it is compatible with almost all non-locking carabiners.  


  • The Stick Clip product to connect the pole to the opened carabiner  
  • VelcroTM One-WrapTM to connect the Stick Clip to the extender pole
  • An instructions hang tag
  • Weight is 14.17g or .5 oz
  • Suggested retail price is $9.50 (USD)


  • Avoid unprotected sections of a climb (such as from the ground to the first bolt) by securing your carabiner and rope from the ground
  • Pre-hang quickdraws from the ground
  • Extend your reach while aid or free climbing 
  • Place your rope in a hanging quickdraw from a distance


  • Secure the Stick Clip to the pole as tightly as possible (if a bomb-proof fit isn't possible, a length of small diameter cord, threaded through the retrieval hole provided, can help to remove the Stick Clip from your protection.  Just pull down on the retrieval cord and the Stick Clip pops off)
  • Place the top carabiner of a quickdraw between the two retaining arms and push the gate back until it remains locked open between the arms
  • With your rope clipped into the bottom carabiner, use the pole to raise the Stick Clip  up to the bolt or piton
  • Aim the nose of the carabiner into the protection.  Once the carabiner is secured in position, pull down on the pole or retrieval cord to remove the Stick Clip.  The carabiner will be left behind and snap shut around the fixed protection.  Do not climb unless the carabiner is completely shut around the bolt or piton.  
  • Your rope should now be connected securely to the protection above and you are ready to climb!

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